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Oranges, Choice

Choice Oranges
Markon Essentials Choice Oranges are ideal when external appearance is not important, but value, flavor, quality, food safety, sustainability, and consistency are.

Product Details

Shelf Life:
Julian pack date.
Ethylene Producing:
Ethylene Sensitive:
Small = 113 to 163-ct.; Medium = 72 to 88-ct.; Large = 56 ct.
Oranges are available in either a fancy or choice grade. The difference between fancy and choice grades is exterior appearance (for example, scarring). Inside, the grades offer comparable quality.

Available Offerings from Markon for Oranges, Choice

Description Net Weight Pack GTIN UPC
Oranges, Choice pounds or kilograms 56 COUNT 2 06 11628 98655 9 6 11628 98655 5
Oranges, Choice pounds or kilograms 72 COUNT 2 06 11628 98660 3 6 11628 98660 9
Oranges, Choice pounds or kilograms 88 COUNT 2 06 11628 98665 8 6 11628 98665 4
Oranges, Choice pounds or kilograms 113 COUNT 2 06 11628 98670 2 6 11628 98670 8
Oranges, Choice pounds or kilograms 138 COUNT 2 06 11628 98675 7 6 11628 98675 3
Oranges, Choice pounds or kilograms 163 COUNT 2 06 11628 98680 1 6 11628 98680 7
Oranges, Choice 10 pounds or 5 kilograms 10 LB 113 CT 2 06 11628 98650 4 6 11628 98650 0

Storage Tips:

Refrigerate immediately upon arrival.

Handling Tips:

Store in a cool dry area; keep away from ripening rooms. Rinse whole fruits and vegetables in clean running water prior to using.

General Usage Ideas

  • Toss ESS Oranges, RSS Baby Spinach, and toasted pecans; serve with gorgonzola dressing
  • Pickle MFC Baby Squash, pearl onions, and RSS Cauliflower Florets in vinegar, sugar, dried chile pepper flakes, star anise, and the zest of ESS Oranges; serve with sandwiches
  • Purée grilled MFC Yellow Bell Peppers with RSS Shredded Carrots and ESS Oranges; heat until soup warms; whisk in cream; serve with orange slices as garnish

Fall / Winter Usage Ideas:

  • Sauté RSS Stuffing Starter and fresh thyme; add wild rice and vegetable stock; simmer until rice is tender; stir in roasted MFC Red Grapes, walnuts, and the zest of ESS Oranges
  • Simmer fresh cranberries, sugar, the zest of ESS Oranges, RSS Proprietary Blend Orange Juice, jalapeno chile peppers, RSS Pineapple Chunks, fresh ginger, and RSS Washed & Trimmed Cilantro; when fruit is soft and sauce is thickened, remove and chill; serve with game and pork
  • Stew sliced ESS Oranges with Spanish chorizo, lentils, RSS Sliced Onions, RSS Peeled Garlic, and rich stock; when lentils are tender, serve in bowls

Spring / Summer Usage Ideas:

  • Combine cooked black beans, chopped ESS Oranges, sliced MFC Red Onions, and RSS Washed & Trimmed Cilantro; serve in RSS Lettuce Jammers with crumbled queso and drizzled chipotle vinaigrette
  • Mix couscous with chopped ESS Oranges, sliced MFC Red Onions, torn mint leaves, sliced green olives; drizzle with olive oil and serve with grilled lamb
  • Sprinkle sugar on rounds of ESS Oranges; broil until caramelized; drizzle crème anglais made with ginger and the zest of ESS Oranges over all

Did You Know?

Varietal availability: Valencias = Feb-Oct; Navels = Oct-May. Many oranges go through a "re-greening" process on the tree where the skin color begins to turn from orange back to green. Re-greening is a natural occurrence and does not affect the flavor or quality of the orange.