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In 1986, Markon introduced the first foodservice-specific brand for produce called Markon First Crop. This industry-changing move was followed by many more: the first iceless products (starting with broccoli in 1989); the first recyclable, staple-free cartons (in 1994); the first pre-cut, value-added brand (Ready-Set-Serve in 1996); and the first to initiate a comprehensive food safety program (1997). Every year, we continue to introduce new products, time-saving cuts, and innovative packaging based on the needs of our member and operator customers.

Markon First Crop

Markon’s first and signature brand that includes traditional whole fruits and vegetables.

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Fresh fruits and vegetables that are ready-to-use, innovative, and economical.

Markon Essentials

No. 2 products with a focus on value, quality, food safety, and consistency.


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Ready Set Serve

Markon's mobile app gives you a comprehensive produce guide, as well as easy access to Markon's library of recipes. This handy educational guide lists flavor profiles, texture descriptions, pairing ideas, substitution suggestions, and nutritional information for anything and everything produce. From the familiar (think apples, broccoli, or grapes) to the exotic (like atemoya, chayotes, and lotus root), Markon has you covered with the information you need to get cooking.

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