5-Star Food Safety®

Unparalleled Standards

food-safe-logo-content_0.pngEvery case of Markon First CropReady-Set-Serve, and Markon Essentials you purchase has met or surpassed Markon's unparalleled standards for food safety—our 5-Star Food Safety® Program. It's that simple.
5-Star Food Safety® is based on specifications, inspections, and information at five key points: fields, facilities, transportation, distributor warehouses, and your kitchen.

5-Star Food Safety® Program Key Points


  • Third-party audit reviews for Good Agricultural Practices
  • Detailed specifications
  • Daily inspections
  • Water testing

Grower/Shipping Facilities

  • Third-party audit reviews for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (Ready-Set-Serve only)
  • Regular inspections
  • GMP observational visits and product quality standards verification
  • Water testing
  • Environmental monitoring program


  • Temperature monitors on trucks originating in Arizona, California, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas (South Texas), and Washington

Distributor Warehouses

  • Dedicated quality assurance
  • Warehouse temperature zones
  • Third-party inspections

Your Kitchen

  • Trace back to field level
  • Regular mock recalls conducted to verify traceability
  • “Best If Used By” dates on all Ready-Set-Serve inner and outer packaging
  • Storage and handling information
  • Cooler icons on packaging easily identify appropriate cooler storage area (back, center, front, outside)
  • Food safety educational tools available through your Markon member sales representative