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Lemons, Fancy

Fancy Lemons
Markon First Crop (MFC) Lemons are of consistent size and quality, and ship in environmentally-friendly packaging.

Product Details

Shelf Life:
Julian pack date.
Ethylene Producing:
Ethylene Sensitive:
Small = 200 to 235-ct.; Medium = 140 to 165-ct.; Large = 75 to 115-ct.
Lemons are available in either a fancy or choice grade. The difference between fancy and choice grades is exterior appearance (for example, scarring). Inside, the grades offer comparable quality.

Available Offerings from Markon for Lemons, Fancy

Description Net Weight Pack GTIN UPC
Lemons, Fancy pounds or kilograms 75 COUNT 0 06 11628 98580 0 6 11628 98580 0
Lemons, Fancy pounds or kilograms 95 COUNT 0 06 11628 98585 5 6 11628 98585 5
Lemons, Fancy pounds or kilograms 115 COUNT 0 06 11628 98590 9 6 11628 98590 9
Lemons, Fancy pounds or kilograms 140 COUNT 0 06 11628 98595 4 6 11628 98595 4
Lemons, Fancy pounds or kilograms 165 COUNT 0 06 11628 98600 5 6 11628 98600 5
Lemons, Fancy pounds or kilograms 200 COUNT 0 06 11628 98605 0 6 11628 98605 0
Lemons, Fancy pounds or kilograms 235 COUNT 0 06 11628 98610 4 6 11628 98610 4
Lemons, Fancy pounds or kilograms 140 SZ MINI 36 CT 2 06 11628 98565 1 6 11628 98565 7

Storage Tips:

Refrigerate immediately upon arrival.

Handling Tips:

Store in a cool dry area; keep away from ripening rooms. Rinse whole fruits and vegetables in clean running water prior to using.

General Usage Ideas

  • Toss RSS Spring Mix, thinly sliced MFC Cucumbers, and slivered almonds; dress with lemon-pepper vinaigrette flavored with juice and zest of MFC Lemons, Dijon mustard, and cracked black pepper
  • Marinate tuna cubes in olive oil, chervil, and black pepper; thread on skewers with slices of MFC Lemons
  • Toss blanched MFC Lemons in kosher salt; put in a sealable jar; add olive oil and the juice of MFC Lemons; refrigerate many days until flavor develops; use preserved lemons in Moroccan tagines, Provencal fish dishes, and a variety of desserts

Fall / Winter Usage Ideas:

  • Purée garbanzo beans, RSS Peeled Garlic, the juice of MFC Lemons, RSS Washed & Trimmed Parsley, tahini, salt, and olive oil; serve with RSS Celery Sticks and RSS Baby Carrots
    • Roast red snapper with marinated artichoke hearts, MFC Potatoes, slices of MFC Lemons, and tarragon
    • Heat blueberries and juice of MFC Lemons in a shallow pan until thickened; serve in thin crêpes; garnish with lemon zest

Spring / Summer Usage Ideas:

  • Stir in tahini, sesame seeds, and the juice and zest of MFC Lemons; serve in pita with falafel
  • Thread chunks of MFC Zucchini and Yellow Squash with lamb, RSS Peeled Garlic, chopped MFC Red Onions, and MFC Lemons; marinate in olive oil, RSS Washed & Trimmed Cilantro, and fresh ground black pepper; grill and serve with couscous or rice

Did You Know?

Lemon trees can grow to 33 feet tall! Recent research has identified lemons in the ruins of Pompeii. Lemons were once used by the British Royal Navy to combat scurvy, as they provided a large amount of Vitamin C. Source: