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WEEKLY UPDATE SUMMARY: Week of August 6, 2021

August 06, 2021

Bell Peppers

Red Bells

  • California has new acreage starting in Fresno to supplement the existing Bakersfield crop; size is dominated by extra-large and large peppers
  • Eastern Canadian greenhouses have steady supplies while stocks are snug in Western Canada due to a prior heatwave
  • Production in Mexico is light; a variety of quality is being reported
  • East Coast volume is extremely low; prices are elevated
  • Overall quality is good

Green Bells

  • California crops have transitioned from the Central Valley to the Hollister/Gilroy area
    • The crop is dominated by jumbo and extra-large sizes
    • Santa Maria production is set to begin in mid-August; early volume will be low
  • The East Coast has experienced rain in many of the growing regions
  • New Jersey has steady volume
  • Michigan started last week providing additional supplies
  • Numerous other crops in North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Ohio are filling local demand
  • All sizes are available in North Central Mexico (crossing into South Texas)
  • Overall quality is very good

California Strawberries


  • Markon First Crop Strawberries are available out Salinas/Watsonville
    • This region is North America’s primary growing area for strawberries at this time 
    • Crops are past their peak
    • Supplies will continue to diminish until the fall Santa Maria, California crop ramps up in late August/early September
  • Demand is strong; quality is good

Idaho Potatoes

Storage Crop

  • Remaining Burbank quality continues to be a challenge as pressure bruising and hollow heart issues persist

New Crop Norkotahs

  • There will be a split market next week; new crop Norkotah cartons will run $3.00 to $6.00 higher than storage crop Burbank stocks 
  • U.S. No. 2 pricing will strengthen next week; new crop potatoes exhibit very few defects during the early stages of harvesting producing very few No. 2s
  • Minor skinning and excess moisture will be observed in fresh-run potatoes
    • Potatoes release moisture as they cool, causing a white surface mold that is easily brushed off
    • The white mold dissipates as the potatoes dry


  • Continual rain in the primary growing region of Veracruz, Mexico is reducing availability
    • Supplies are tightening due to reduced yields
    • Quality issues such as skin breakdown, oil spotting, and stylar are concerns
    • Growers continue to limit harvesting time due to wet weather
  • Prices for all sizes are climbing
  • Size is dominated by 150- and 175-count sizes, followed by 200-count fruit
  • Elevated markets are expected through August

Markon First Crop Red and Yellow Potatoes

North Dakota

  • The new crop MFC Red and Yellow Potato season is underway


  • Wisconsin MFC Colored Potatoes will begin to ship next week 


  • A limited quantity of storage MFC Red and Yellow Potatoes will remain available through mid-August
  • New crop MFC Potatoes will hit the market the week of August 16


  • MFC Onions will ship out of California’s San Joaquin Valley through mid-August; the New Mexico season will run concurrently
  • New crop, fresh-run Washington MFC Yellow Onions are being shipped; MFC Red Onions will hit the market next week
  • The season for MFC Idaho/Oregon Onions gets underway next week; early supplies will be limited 
  • Colorado stocks will start shipping the week of August 16
  • Utah-grown supplies will become available the week of August 23
  • Onions out of the Northwest will have a rounder, more globe-like shape than stocks shipped during the spring/summer months; early season stocks will still exhibit thin, light-colored skins until shipped out of storage

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