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Salad, Spring Mix, Sweet

Ready-Set-Serve Sweet Spring Mix
Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Sweet Spring Mix offers 100% usable product, fixed weight and yield, no preservatives, and sensible pack sizes.
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Best If Used By date.
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Available Offerings from Markon for Salad, Spring Mix, Sweet

Description Net Weight Pack GTIN UPC
Salad, Spring Mix, Sweet pounds or kilograms 3 LB 0 06 11628 92245 4 6 11628 92245 4

Storage Tips:

Refrigerate immediately upon arrival; store at high humidity with adequate circulation.

Handling Tips:

Reseal unused portion in original bag. This product is table ready and does not need to be rinsed.

General Usage Ideas

  • Mix RSS Spring Mix with apricots and pistachios; drizzle with crème fraiche dressing made with mint and tarragon
  • Toss RSS Spring Mix with thick slices of sautéed MFC portabella Mushrooms, Parmesan croutons and creamy garlic dressing
  • Mix RSS Spring Mix with pepper-seared ahi tuna, roasted MFC Red Bell Peppers, sliced MFC Cucumbers, and snipped chives; top with creamy wasabi dressing

Fall / Winter Usage Ideas:

  • Marinate bite-size tofu squares in a soy-ginger-garlic mixture; roast until browned; toss with RSS Spring Mix and shaved MFC Cucumbers, and miso dressing
  • Roast acorn squash with butter and brown sugar; slice and toss with RSS Spring Mix and shredded duck confit; dress with cranberry vinaigrette
  • Mix together RSS Spring Mix, roasted beets, and chopped MFC Red Delicious Apples; drizzle with blue cheese vinaigrette

Spring / Summer Usage Ideas:

  • Top RSS Spring Mix with duck confit, cubed MFC Red Delicious Apples, cubed fennel, and crumbled Roquefort cheese; dress with peppery vinaigrette
  • Toss RSS Spring Mix and steamed MFC Asparagus; top with poached egg and crumbled bacon
  • Mix together RSS Spring Mix, shaved radishes, edible nasturtiums, English peas, and diced MFC Cucumbers; drizzle with sherry vinaigrette

Did You Know?

Depending on seasonality and availability, the lettuces in RSS Spring Mix (Conventional and Organic) might include: Red Oak leaf, Lolla Rosa, Red Perella, Cocard, Amaranth, Little Gem, Green Perella, Green Oak Leaf, Brunia, Baby Spinach, Tat-soi, Mizuna, Red Mustard, Red Chard, Arugula, Radicchio, Frisee, Sangria, Tango and/or Beet Tops. Note: RSS Sweet Spring Mix excludes Frisee and Radicchio.