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Bell Peppers, Green, Choice

Choice Green Bell Peppers
Markon Essentials (ESS) Choice Bell Peppers are ideal when external appearance is not important, but value, flavor, quality, food safety, sustainability, and consistency are.

Product Details

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Julian pack date.
Ethylene Producing:
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Available Offerings from Markon for Bell Peppers, Green, Choice

Description Net Weight Pack GTIN UPC
Bell Peppers, Green, Choice 25 pounds or 11 kilograms 25 LB 2 06 11628 91535 1 6 11628 91535 7

Storage Tips:

Handle with care; peppers bruise easily. Storing below 42° F/6° C can result in chill injury.

Handling Tips:

Rough handling can result in bruising. Rinse whole fruits and vegetables in clean running water prior to using.

General Usage Ideas

  • Cook a hash of boiled and chopped ESS Potatoes, MFC Green Bell Peppers, RSS Peeled Garlic, and chorizo; use as empanada filling; bake and serve warm
  • Cook grits with Cheddar cheese and minced jalapeno chile peppers; top with sautéed ESS Red and Green Bell Peppers
  • Sauté sliced ESS Green and Red Bell Peppers, RSS Peeled Garlic, and raisins; deglaze with a mixture of red wine vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper; stir in whole almonds and simmer until liquid slightly thickens; serve sauce over roasted chicken legs and thighs

Fall / Winter Usage Ideas:

  • Add minced ESS Green Bell Peppers and corn kernels to corn bread batter; bake and serve with roasted meats and gravy
  • Mix lump crab meat, minced ESS Green Bell Peppers, fresh ginger, and cilantro mayonnaise; bread crab cakes with panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) and lightly fry
  • Top rib-eye steaks with sautéed ESS Green Bell Peppers, RSS Sliced Onions, RSS Peeled Garlic, and Gorgonzola butter

Spring / Summer Usage Ideas:

  • Shred ESS Green and Red Bell Peppers into cole slaw; serve with burgers or sandwiches
  • Purée MFC Cucumbers, ESS Green Bell Peppers, MFC Tomatillos, MFC Zucchini, RSS Lime Juice, RSS Diced Red Onions, RSS Washed & Trimmed Cilantro, olive oil, rice wine vinegar, and vegetable stock; serve chilled green gazpacho
  • Sauté RSS Sliced Onions, ESS Green and Red Bell Peppers, and Serrano ham; cool and mix into beaten eggs and cream; bake in crust for quiche or in oiled pan for frittata

Did You Know?

The most popular sweet pepper in the U.S. is the bell pepper. As bell peppers mature, their color changes from green to red and they become sweeter.