Matthew Collins

Purchasing Director, Markon

Matthew Collins, Purchasing Director, Markon
"I’ve been around different facets of fresh produce most of my life. From growing up in the heart of the Salinas Valley and taking field trips to local fields and processors, to working with my father in the produce department of his grocery store, to spending weeks on the road during summer break with my grandfather in his Peterbilt delivering fresh fruits and vegetables, to working my first job out of high school driving a forklift at my uncle’s cold storage in the San Joaquin Valley. I feel I was destined to work in the produce industry one way or another. I love all of the different areas that make up this business and how each plays its own important role. Being a part of the Markon team has allowed me to be involved in nearly every sector of the industry. It’s fast paced—there’s never a dull moment. It is what keeps me coming back each day and has me looking forward to spending the rest of my career working with fresh fruits and vegetables.”