Joe Ange

Former Purchasing Director, Markon

Joe Ange, Former Purchasing Director, Markon
“Growing up, I always wanted to build things. I had a knack for putting things together and would find pride in assembling models, furniture, contraptions, etc. Always without the help of an instruction manual. I found that I if I could learn from my experience then I would be able to do it better the next time around. During my career in the produce industry I quickly found there is no instruction manual—those who are most successful are the folks who can learn from and improve upon past experiences. I also have learned that relationships and reputations are the foundations for success. In 2012, I traveled to India with a group of peers in the agriculture industry. Together we saw a culture of people whose entire day consisted of trying to source the things that we take for granted, things like clean water, food, and shelter. Despite obvious challenges, we toured the most beautiful farms, dairies, and produce markets—I was inspired by the people we met, who were exceptional at working together and finding solutions, even when resources were slim or the right tools were not available.”