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Pineapple Chunks

Pineapple Chunks
Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Pineapple Chunks are ready to use. Add flavor and color to your menu!
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Shelf Life:
Best If Used By date.
Ethylene Producing:
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Available Offerings from Markon for Pineapple Chunks

Description Net Weight Pack GTIN UPC
Pineapple Chunks 8 pounds or 4 kilograms 8 LB 0 06 11628 91415 2 6 11628 91415 2
Pineapple Chunks 16 pounds or 7 kilograms 2/8# 1 06 11628 91416 6 6 11628 91416 9

Storage Tips:

Refrigerate immediately upon arrival; reseal unused portion in original lined pail.

Handling Tips:

Reseal unused portion in original lined pail. This product is table ready and does not need to be rinsed.

General Usage Ideas

  • Marinate shrimp in soy sauce and sesame oil; stir-fry with baby bok choy and RSS Pineapple Chunks
  • Top macadamia waffles with sautéed RSS Pineapple Chunks and coconut milk syrup
  • Simmer RSS Pineapple Chunks, raisins, minced MFC Red Bell Peppers, RSS Proprietary Blend Orange Juice, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, and curry powder until soft; serve chutney with pork or poultry

Fall / Winter Usage Ideas:

  • Simmer boneless chicken, Thai chiles, chopped lemongrass, chopped RSS Peeled Garlic, RSS Pineapple Chunks, shiitake mushrooms, and fish sauce in chicken stock; top soup with RSS Washed & Trimmed Cilantro, basil, and mint
  • Stew RSS Pineapple Chunks with fresh cranberries, ginger, and sugar; serve with roasted pork or game
  • Give pineapple upside down cake a kick by baking gingerbread with RSS Pineapple Chunks

Spring / Summer Usage Ideas:

  • Toss RSS Hearts & Hearts with cooked black-eyed peas, RSS Pineapple Chunks, and crumbled bacon; dress with jalapeno vinaigrette
  • Sauté RSS Sliced Onions, chopped MFC Red Bell Peppers, and RSS Pineapple Chunks; serve with sliced ham
  • Garnish coconut rice pudding with RSS Pineapple Chunks and chopped mango

Did You Know?

Our fresh-cut fruit is fresher because all items are cut and packed to order (not delivered from inventory).