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Kale, Baby Mix

Baby Kale Mix
Ready-Set-Serve (RSS) Baby Kale Mix adds deep color and texture to meals, and is ready to use right out of the bag.
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Best If Used By date.
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Available Offerings from Markon for Kale, Baby Mix

Description Net Weight Pack GTIN UPC
Kale, Baby Mix 3 pounds or 1 kilograms 2/1.5# 1 06 11628 91892 8 6 11628 91892 1

Storage Tips:

Keep away from drafts to prevent dehydration.

Handling Tips:

Use FIFO method of rotation. This product is table ready and does not need to be rinsed.

General Usage Ideas

  • RSS Baby Kale Mix makes a hearty salad when paired with toppings such as Butternut squash, roasted garlic, onions, pancetta, and golden raisins.
  • Sauté and add beans, chicken, or salmon.
  • Flash fry and add coconut, ginger, and lime juice.

Fall / Winter Usage Ideas:

  • Combine with MFC Red Delicious Apples, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and roasted onion vinaigrette.
  • Brown bacon in a saute pan; hand-mix RSS Baby Kale Mix in dripping, then toss all with crumbled bacon, hard-boiled egg, and house-made Parmesan croutons.

Spring / Summer Usage Ideas:

  • Mix with chopped RSS Avocado Halves, chopped MFC Strawberries, sliced almonds, and creamy Buttermilk dressing.
  • Toss with garbanzo beans, MFC Grape Tomatoes, fresh MFC Mint, crumbled goat cheese, and lemon-pepper vinaigrette.

Did You Know?

Kale is an excellent source of vitamin C - just one cup cooked supplies 88.8% of the daily value for vitamin C. Curly kale played an important role in early European food ways, having been a significant crop during the ancient Roman times and a popular vegetable eaten by peasants in the Middle Ages. Kale was brought to the U.S. by English settlers in the 17th century. Source:

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