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Strawberry Sorbet with Fudge Cake and Fresh Berries

The richness of fudge cake gets balance from sweet, icy sorbet and refreshing strawberries.


2 T simple syrup

1 T hibiscus crystals, pulverized to powder

1 chocolate fudge cake, 8x8-inch sliced into four pieces

2 C chocolate ganache

1 C Markon First Crop Strawberries, chopped

2 C strawberry sorbet

Edible petals and micro greens for garnish


Place cake strips on wire rack. Pour ganache over cake to coat all. Allow to set.

Brush one side of plate with simple syrup; douse with hibiscus powder and shake powder off rest of plate.

Arrange one slice of cake on empty area of plate. Garnish plate with strawberries and edible flowers. Top with quenelle of sorbet; sift more hibiscus powder to garnish and serve.