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Mediterranean Tomato Appetizer

These hummus-filled tomato appetizers get a bite of crisp flavor from jicama sticks and green onions.


4 Markon First Crop Red Tomatoes

2 cups hummus

4 leaves Markon First Crop Basil, sliced in thin strips

1 Ready-Set-Serve Washed & Trimmed Green Onion, sliced in thin rings

1 small jicama, peeled and cut in 1/4-inch sticks

1 tsp. smoked paprika

1 tsp. Sherry vinegar

Salt and pepper


Slice 1/4-inch off top of each tomato lengthwise and scoop out center. In small bowl, toss the cut jicama, paprika, and vinegar. Season with salt and pepper; set aside.

Spoon enough hummus into the center of the tomato to just reach the top. Place a small amount of the jicama salad over the top of tomato; spoon more hummus over the jicama. Garnish with basil and green onion rings. Serve alone or as a sandwich side.