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Angel Cream Cakes with Strawberries

Light and airy, this ethereal strawberry-and-cream dessert is almost as pretty as it is delicious.


1 C whipped cream

10 oz. angel food cake loaf, cut into 12 equally sized rectangles

12 (3.5 oz) butter wafer cookies

1 pint Markon First Crop Strawberries, sliced

Powdered sugar and mint, to garnish


Frost 12 angel food cake rectangles with whipped cream. Assemble desserts by placing one cookie on plate; top with angel food rectangle. Arrange strawberry slices around all sides of angel food. Stack with second cookie and repeat process with more strawberries and a third cookie. Sift powdered sugar over top cookie and garnish with strawberry and mint.

Repeat for five more stacks; serve.