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General Produce


Receiving Inspecting:

Avoid nuts with moldy or rancid kernels. Nuts should be clean and free of severely damaged or cracked shells.

Storage Handling:

Short-term storage recommendation (7 days or less)

  • 32-36° F/0-2° C
  • 90-98% relative humidity (if nuts are packaged in moisture-proof containers)

    NOTE: Reduce relative humidity to 60-65% for bulk nuts.

30 days.

If stored in a warm area, nuts may exhibit loss of flavor/texture, shriveling, moisture loss, or mold.

High humidity can result in mold or rancid flavor; store properly.

Usage Ideas:

  • Flavor couscous with chopped dates and toasted nuts.
  • Sauté green beans, chopped yellow bell peppers, and toasted nuts; deglaze with ginger-soy sauce.