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General Produce



9.5-, 10-, 10.5-, 11-, 11.5-, 12-row

Common Packs:

11- to 20-lb. cartons or lugs


  • U.S. No. 1
  • U.S. Commercial

Grade differences are based primarily on external appearance. Individual growing areas may set their own grades.

Receiving Inspecting:

Cherries should be plump with firm, smooth, brightly colored skins.

Storage Handling:

Short-term storage recommendation (7 days or less)

  • 32-36° F/0-2° C
  • 90-95% relative humidity
14 to 21 days.

Avoid cherries that have pitted skin, are shriveled, have a dry stem, loss of flavor, or dull color.

Usage Ideas:

  • Sauté sliced red onions and pitted cherries in butter; deglaze with cherry juice and stock; simmer to thicken and serve over venison or steak.
  • Toss salad greens with pitted cherries, pistachios, and warm goat cheese dressing.