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General Produce



4-, 8-, 12-, 18-, 24-, 30-, 36-, and 48-counts.

Receiving Inspecting:

Celery should have straight stalks with rigid ribs. Ribs should snap crisply when bent. Inside surface of ribs should be clean and smooth. Leaves should be fresh, well-colored, and show no signs of wilting.

Storage Handling:

Short-term storage recommendation (7 days or less)

  • 34-36° F/1-2° C
  • 90-98% relative humidity
21 to 28 days.

High temperatures and low humidity may result in rapid wilting. Store properly.

Celery is sensitive to ethylene gas; exposure may cause yellowing. For best quality, keep away from ethylene-producing fruits and ripening rooms.

Usage Ideas:

  • Toss chopped green leaf with sliced celery, chopped Red Delicious apples, and creamy anchovy dressing.
  • Stuff celery sticks with salmon mousse; garnish with chives and minced shallots.