Lauren M. Scott

Chief Marketing Officer, PMA

Lauren M. Scott, Chief Marketing Officer, PMA
“My dad grew up in Florida in the 1940s. Like many families in his area, he says they ‘were poor, but didn’t know it.’ The small house his father built was filled with a large family and his mom’s phenomenal home cooking. As dad remembers, neighbors would come by every Sunday afternoon to grab a plate and socialize. Produce took center stage in the Jones household because “tasty, affordable, convenient” food WAS produce. Whether from the store, the stand, a garden, or backyard trees, it was plentiful and enjoyed by everyone. Food is the core of culture, and produce, the world’s most colorfully abundant and diverse food, is no exception. The growth in innovation, varieties, preparation techniques, and ever-expanding distribution has made produce more relevant to consumers than ever before. I am very happy to be a part of the produce industry to help drive increased consumption, to not only boost sales for our members, but to grow a healthier world for all—or as in my dad’s case, resurrect warm memories of home.”