Chris Cukjati

Markon Member Chef

Chris Cukjati, Markon Member Chef
“Spending summers with my grandparents on our family farm in Southeast Kansas was magical and formed my love of life and food. A Greyhound bus would take me from my home in Texas and drop me off right in front of the farm where I would stay for summer break for six years straight. Grandpa was a doer from sun up to sun down, tending to 1000 acres of farmland and 400 head of cattle. I loved putting on overalls and working by his side. In his spare time, my grandpa made his own hard salami, cracklings, house spirits, and tended his personal garden. Part of this garden was dedicated to seeds of flat leaf parsley brought over from the old country, which is now Slovenia. He also grew his own lettuce, radishes, leeks, tomatoes, fennel, and corn. Sunday was the big meal day on the farm and grandma had my help in the kitchen preparing cobbler with wild hand-picked dewberries. These experiences really influenced my love for cooking at an early age. Working as Corporate Chef brings back all those memories of fresh fruits and vegetables I had the joy of personally growing, picking, and cooking. I bounce from customer to customer with my focus on fresh products. I offer unique ways of seasoning and preparing a variety of products to put the customer ahead of the trend curve.”