Jack Bretzke

Member Chef, Ben E. Keith

Chef Jack Bretzke, Ben E. Keith
A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chef Jack began his culinary training with Swiss Chef Rudolf Ettlin in 1965. His skills were honed with continued experience in white tablecloth private clubs. Chef Jack relocated to Dallas-Fort Worth in 1978 and joined the Texas Chefs Association in January 1980. He served concurrently as Secretary Treasurer (83-87), Vice President (87-89), President (89-93), and Chairman (93-95). As treasurer of the 1992 TCA Culinary Olympic Team, Chef Jack’s duties consisted of organizing, fundraising, team meetings, and coaching, so that twenty TCA members could compete in Frankfurt, Germany. The team winnings included 39 IKA medals (13 Gold, 13 Silver, and 13 Bronze).
Earlier in 1992, Chef Jack was a member of the EWMCS International Jury of Judges for the first EWMCS International Banqueting Food Festival at the Thistle Hotel in London, U.K. Chef Jack was involved in competitions in Dallas, Texas; Limoges, France; Dallas, Texas (2); and Limerick, Ireland (2), and served as the Chairman of Judges for the Dallas and Limerick events. He was honored as the Texas State Chef of the Year in 1986 and the TCA President’s Award in 1987. Chef Jack earned his Certified Executive Chef’s certification in 1986 and was inducted into the ACF American Academy of Chefs in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1991. He was also involved in the ACF/TCA Apprenticeship Program at El Centro College. 
In 2013, Chef Jack was inducted into ACF Texas Chefs Association – Dallas Chapter, Circle of Honor. In August 2017, he was presented the Texas Chefs Association Award of Distinction for Everlasting Service and Commitment. In June 2018, he was inducted into the Honorable Order of the Golden Toque as a lifetime member.
Chef Jack joined Ben E. Keith Foods in 2008 as a member of their corporate chef’s team as a Culinary Consultant, to support foodservice operations in East Texas and North Louisiana.